“Know Thyself” –Delphi Temple, Greece

Who am I? We can take decades to answer this fundamental question. In order to find ourselves, we must make decisions and take risks. Traveling, working, and studying abroad compress this experience. Each moment in another country is a mirror where we can see ourselves as we are. Food, lodging, sightseeing, socializing, and language choices abound. We discover who we are in what makes us happy, and who we are not in what doesn’t. A simplified view, but a good baseline. We are able to question our identities: gender, race, class, country of origin and determine our unique contribution to humanity; ourselves.

This is from my introduction to Supergringa: “However, each year only 5% of US citizens travel overseas; just .1% are student exchanges. I’d argue travel is not a luxury, but an essential education, although fewer than 2% of undergraduates study overseas. Those who do are more likely to finish college and 97% of them find work within a year of graduation (49% is the stateside average).” Students with study abroad experience are almost twice as likely to find a job within a year of their degree! I think focus and decision-making confidence are two reasons why.

What if more people from the United States found opportunities abroad? Would people feel happier in jobs if they felt they chose them according to their talents? Will the new US government scholarships help more people to afford the adventure? (See the Study Abroad page for scholarship information)

What are your thoughts on travel? Please comment.

Thanks for Reading! ¡Olé!

Rebecca Cuningham

One thought on ““Know Thyself” –Delphi Temple, Greece

  1. As many trends are bringing together many more people from different cultures, our ability to understand and work with each other becomes increasingly crucial. Living ‘monoculturally’ (what? This isn’t a word yet?) is becoming less and less of an option.

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