Why do girls feel powerless?

What makes Disney’s princess marketing so successful? What dream does it fulfill? Is it the dresses? Castles? A need to feel powerful, to have a voice? I had dreams of marrying a prince when I was a girl. That was before Disney went into high gear with biannual princess movies complete with dresses and doll … Continue reading Why do girls feel powerless?

Conquistada por la comida

Traducción imperfecta por la autora de "Conquered by Food". Cuando fui a España, pensé que la comida sería parecida a la comida mexicana, es decir muy picante. Pero, lo más punzante de la cocina de la Fundación Ortega y Gasset era la pimienta negra. Me pareció agradable porque los chiles me pican mucho la boca, … Continue reading Conquistada por la comida

Conquered by Food

When I traveled to Spain, I thought the food might resemble Mexican cuisine with its spiciness. However, black pepper was the most piquant seasoning in the Fundación Ortega y Gasset kitchen in Toledo. I was happy not to burn my tongue, but my Mexican roommate imported a suitcase full of hot sauce to survive the … Continue reading Conquered by Food

Joke’s On Me

Learning to converse in another language keeps me humble. Beginning with English, as a child I made up funny words. I’d call the small blue round Midwestern fruit, bluebodies. My father’s bluebody pancakes were and still are a family favorite. In first year high school Spanish, I wanted to say, “I’m embarrassed” Tengo vergüenza. Instead … Continue reading Joke’s On Me