Chilean Lapis Lazuli

Evan gave me this lovely lapis earring and necklace set for our third wedding anniversary we celebrated at the end of our year in Chile. I love the chevron setting for the stones, which are connected by hinges, giving them a lot of movement. Chileans are rightfully proud of the beauty of Andean lapis lazuli, their national stone. Found in very few places in the world; Afghanistan, Chile and Russia are the three main sources. I prefer Chilean lapis, for the beautiful cobalt blue color and contrasting gray dots.


Painters use crushed lapis lazuli to create the color ultramarine. Egyptians valued the semi-precious stone so highly, artisans featured it on King Tutankhamun’s funeral mask. Egyptians connected this bright-colored rock with Maat, their goddess of truth.


Is it possible the stones we wear influence us? I don’t have scientific proof, although today I feel surrounded by truth and love. ¡Gracias, Evan! ¡Gracias, Chile!

Click on the last two words of this sentence to see the first article about Artisan Earrings.

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Thanks for reading!

Rebecca Cuningham

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