Our Butterfly Rest Stop

Although the grace and beauty of all butterflies is captivating, monarchs are magical. Their bright orange color, their black bordered wings with alluring spots are a bouquet for the eyes. As a child, when the school year began in Minnesota I remember them arriving in numbers to rest a bit and grab a snack in … Continue reading Our Butterfly Rest Stop

The Last Time I Drank Sangría

A velvet evening in rural La Mancha frolicking with a one-ton baby bull. What could go wrong? Three dozen of us from the Toledo program sat on a ranch patio drinking fruity red wine sangría. The main attraction was a Spanish capea; playing hide-and-go-seek with a bull no taller than our chests in a mini … Continue reading The Last Time I Drank Sangría

New Words, New Understandings

I like learning new vocab. whether it's English, Spanish or Swahili. Hakuna Matata is such a joyful phrase, world-famous Swahili meaning, "there is no trouble here," or "no worries" from the Lion King. Spanish has unique phrases that tickle my fancy too. As a junior in college, I spent a semester in Toledo, Spain. There … Continue reading New Words, New Understandings

Live Long and Prosper…

Do people live longer in the United States or in Latin America? Not surprisingly, that depends on which country south of the border we're comparing with the US. I found a gold mine of valuable, reliable statistics in the World Health Organization information database to answer my question. Every year the WHO publishes a report … Continue reading Live Long and Prosper…

Let’s Talk Cinema

Cine, Spanish for cinema, is one of my favorite pastimes. Movies are a great introduction to culture, language and history of another region. Director Carlos Saura’s, Carmen, was a key inspiration for my website’s title, Fake Flamenco. The passion I saw in the dancing of the classic opera’s retelling scorched my eyelashes. Latin culture, art … Continue reading Let’s Talk Cinema