New Words, New Understandings

I like learning new vocab. whether it’s English, Spanish or Swahili. Hakuna Matata is such a joyful phrase, world-famous Swahili meaning, “there is no trouble here,” or “no worries” from the Lion King. Spanish has unique phrases that tickle my fancy too. As a junior in college, I spent a semester in Toledo, Spain. There I often said “me da igual.” In English that’s literally, “it gives me equal,” or a better translation is “it’s the same to me.”  This week I read a blog by an international student in Salamanca talking about favorite new vocabulary en español. Her post brought back memories:

Some of My Favorite Spanish Words and Phrases

I follow the International Study Abroad blog to hear about students’ experiences in exchanges around the globe. Study abroad shaped my thoughts, my values and my understanding of the world. I wrote a memoir, Supergringa in Spain, that tells my story and currently I’m looking for an agent to represent me.

What are your favorite blog topics?

Thanks for reading! Olé! – Rebecca

Cómo el tema es frases en español, no hay traducción. Para leer ensayos en español, mira aquí.

Rebecca Cuningham

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