Confessions of a New Blogger

I’ve been writing essays and publishing them online for six months now. True confessions, there are still a lot of things I don’t understand about it.

How did someone from Nepal or Croatia find my site?

Do my post views depend on the time of day I publish, the number of FB friends who see it, or simply on luck?

Most importantly, when I goof up, how do I send a message to the folks following my blog? Like tonight when I made a mistake online as I cooked dinner. I was typing a blog essay draft and hit Publish then Publish Now, rather than Schedule! I yelled, “Oh, no! What the heck?” or something similar. I’d published an answers blog post before I published a questions post I’ve been researching two weeks. My child thought I’d burned dinner! I quick went in and deleted my mistake on the website, but the email subscribers will know all. (please delete, you’ll see why very soon : )

The Blogiverse continues to contain many mysteries for me.

Have a wonderful evening. I’ll post the essay questions and answers I mentioned in my new posts this week!

Olé, Rebecca

Perdona, la versión en español será más tarde. Abrazos, R

Violets in bloom, Rebecca Cuningham 2008
Rebecca Cuningham

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