Who is an United States immigrant?

Which of these people are immigrants to the United States? Which are citizens? Which are both? Make one guess. Pick one person. How about the woman in blue and white? Citizen, immigrant, or both? Leave your comments below. I’ll start, when I met the man in purple, Diego, I guessed he was an immigrant and a citizen.

Olé! -Rebecca

To read the start of the series about immigration, click Where are you from? Part 1.

Rebecca Cuningham

15 thoughts on “Who is an United States immigrant?

  1. I’ll be very honest and say that I definitely make an assumption in my head that people with brown skin are more likely to be immmigrants and assume that people with white skin are not. Nice opportunity to reflect on that assumption. Thanks Rebecca!And I’m curious now to know the stories of these four people!

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  2. Its a tough one. It was pointed out the other day on a TV show that, when (in the UK) they talk about immigrants and show a picture of all these immigrants coming into the country, they are all dark skinned. We have immigrants coming from Europe, Canada, Australia. What is the difference? Most of those are white.

    Its an interesting question you have asked and will make a lot of people look at what they think is an immigrant. I suppose it is slightly different for me, as having grandparents born in a different country and coming here, albeit from Europe

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