Where in the World?

Where would you like to travel? Let’s pretend for a moment that the cost, the time off, and the organizing would take care of themselves… Where would you like to go? What would be the location that would be the biggest stretch for you?

I’d like to visit more of Latin America. I speak Spanish. However, I think the place the farthest outside my comfort zone would be Thailand. I don’t speak or read Thai. Since I saw photos as a child of the country formerly known as Siam, its architecture has fascinated me. Surprisingly, we have a Thai Pavilion in our city donated by generous University of Wisconsin Madison Thai alumni group to Olbrich Gardens.

Thai Lakhon-style masked dance     Photo credit: Rebecca Cuningham

Our child and I went to Thai Fest at Olbrich Gardens two summers ago. We saw a masked dance in the Lakhon-style and Fawn-style Butterfly dancers in elaborate costumes, listened to live musicians, and reveled in the beauty of the pavilion.

Thai Butterfly Dance, photo credit: Rebecca Cuningham

Above is a photo of the two Butterfly dancers we watched perform, in Thai called Fawn Marn Gumm Ber. Cultural events are a great way to learn about the traditions of a new place, like the Ballet Folklórico of Mexico I described in an earlier post. I hope to travel to Bankok to see this vibrant and ancient culture in person within the next five years. Now for the savings, vacation time, and organizing parts, which I also like.

What are your travel plans?

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! Olé!

Para leer este ensayo en español, haz un clic en ¿Dónde en el mundo?



Rebecca Cuningham

11 thoughts on “Where in the World?

  1. There are far too many places for me to pick just one dream trip! Several years ago (November 2001 I think), all of the female members of my family (mom, sisters, aunt, wife, sister in law) went to Thailand as an extended girls’ day out… They really loved it.

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  2. Hi Rebecca,

    I lived and worked in Thailand for three years and traveled the country from one end to the other. I can definitely say with confidence that you will have no trouble at all communicating there, even though it may be mostly through body language. While few Thais outside the major cities or tourist areas speak English, they are very accustomed to welcoming tourists from all over the world who don’t speak Thai. It’s a very welcoming culture and a smile is all you need to get by and enjoy your time there. I wish I could say the same thing for Colombia where I’m currently living. I’m desperately trying to improve my elementary Spanish because it’s an absolute must in order to communicate with the locals.

    As far as my dream destination is concerned, I’m waiting for interplanetary travel to commence. Of course, I’m assuming that any culture encountered outside our solar system will be populated by more enlightened beings who can teach me a great deal! 🙂

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    1. Hola Henry, Glad to hear about Thailand. That’s encouraging. I think it’s great that you’re living in Colombia. Your dedication to learning Spanish will pay off. Have you considered a language exchange 1 hr English/ 1 hr Spanish with a Colombian compañero? That could be a nice arrangement. Interplanetary travel would be a very interesting indeed!


  3. Nice post! I love virtual travelling – and keeping my puddle-print and carbon-footprint as low as possible. Holidaying at home is so much better for the environment and local economies – I enjoyed how you were able to enjoy something of Thai culture at the Olbrich Gardens and thanks for sharing something of the experience. Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you and your US readers.

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  4. The festival at Olbrich Gardens Was Great. How fun to be reminded of all the color (and how we were Melting in the hot sun :-D). The butterfly costumes really are amazing. The masked dance might have been the Monkey King? The student we knew from Indonesia loved the Monkey King, so that memory stays with me.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing Bollywood Dance Team competitions – lots of variety and energy.

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