Photos of Favorite Spots in Chile

These are the photos I wanted to show you! My diligent website is good at publishing my work on the date I ask. However, I am no match for its computer efficiency. My mistake. Luckily, when I named my site Fake Flamenco, I set expectations at imperfect!

Back to my favorite Chilean places. I couldn’t believe the variety of natural features in Chile. Few countries have as many landscapes. Here is my previous post all dressed up with the intended links and photos!

  1. Atacama Desert Altiplano (flamingoes) Altitude sickness kept me from getting out of the truck to get closer. See the link for a larger view of the beautiful birds. Now these are Real Flamencos (Flamingos) from Chile! (not fake ; )

    Reserva de Los Flamencos
    Reserva Nacional de Los Flamencos, Altiplano de San Pedro de Atacama/Flamingo National Reserve, San Pedro de Atacama desert highlands, Chile  Photo Credit: Evan Wedell
  2. Pablo Neruda’s home near the sea, “Isla” Negra. One of Chile’s most famous poets, Neruda has three houses. Their interiors show his eclectic tastes and unique personality. For example, he would only drink from colored glasses. According to Neruda, drinks tasted better that way. Try it, see what you think.

    isla negra chile
    Isla Negra, Neruda’s House by the sea
  3. Punta Arenas (penguins) Taking advantage of the December warm season, we also visited Punta Arenas, the coldest city in the country. Adorable little penguins stood in their small earthen homes on the beach. I struck up a conversation with one and he looked to be earnestly listening.

    Amigo Pinguino
    My Penguin Pal  Photo Credit: Rebecca Cuningham
  4. Hot Springs: Termas Colinas in the Andes above Santiago. Forgot my camera! See the link. These very relaxing mineral hot springs are an hour outside of Santiago.
  5. Arica’s San Marcos Cathedral and Customs House – Aduana by Eiffel. Yes, really. Gustave Eiffel began his career by making pre-fabricated structures. In the small city of Arica, lie two architectural gems. In a further twist, Arica was in Peru at that time.


    La Aduana de Arica
    Aduana/Customs House by Eiffel, Arica, Chile  Photo Credit: Rebecca Cuningham
  6. Lake Verde in Parque Huerquehue outside Pucón

    Lago Verde P. Huerquehue
    Steep Climb Worth Every Step/Caminata Escarpada Que Vale La Pena, Lago Verde, Chile  Photo Credit: Rebecca Cuningham

What are your favorite places? Join the conversation below!

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! Olé!

Para la versión en castellano, haz un clic en Fotos de lugares favoritos chilenos.

barco de chiloe
Boat for Sale, Ancud, Chile Photo Credit: Rebecca Cuningham
Rebecca Cuningham

9 thoughts on “Photos of Favorite Spots in Chile

  1. Cute little penguin! The ‘climb worth every step’ makes me nostalgic for a trip in the Rocky Mountains when I was in college – lots of climbing and spectacular mountain views!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Torres del Piennes is one of my favorite memories of Chile. The ragged peaks and pine forest were spectacular even for someone who has spent a lot of time in the North American Rockies. I remember the “adorable” little penguins but they kept wiggling out of my bag.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gracias for your comment, Dad! Yes, Torres del Paine is stunningly beautiful. That was a great family trip. Thanks for your cute joke. Penguins are adorable enough to want to bring home. ; )


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