Supergringa in Spain: 5 Important Lessons

Fall of my junior year in college I went to Spain for a semester. Those four months were key to who I’ve become. What I learned about myself and what it meant to be a gringa in the world was central to my experience. Here I confess what I learned about my own personality.

5 Lifetime Lessons

1, Trust: I am capable and self-sufficient. I can rely on myself to get there. When I put my faith in strangers, I choose good people.

2. Choices: I am happy deciding for myself and can laugh at my mistakes. Yes, I’ll admit there were numerous errors of judgment. Really Rebecca, seven suitcases?

3. Planning: I plan well, use the available resources, then improvise following my intuitions. On a map of the city I’ll chart the spots to visit. If a colorful café catches my eye on the way, I’ll stop and write for a while.

4. Finances: I’ve discovered I’ll use all the money I take with me; I’ll shop for earrings, scarves, and clothes. Setting a travel budget keeps my spending in check.

5. Connection: Respecting another culture is like respecting another person: it takes listening, observation, and flexibility. I watch what the locals do, when I need a clue.

These five topics were the seed for my book, Supergringa in Spain. I’ll attend the Wisconsin Writers’ Institute and look for an agent to represent my memoir in April. Please wish me luck!

When have you discovered the most about yourself?

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! Olé! –Rebecca

Ceiling in the Alhambra Palace, Granada  Photo credit: Rebecca Cuningham



Rebecca Cuningham

12 thoughts on “Supergringa in Spain: 5 Important Lessons

  1. Hey Rebecca! Those are all important life lessons to learn! And at such a young age too! Also I wanted to let you know my blog is now private, if you wanted to, please do go over to my site to request access, I’d love it if you did. xox

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