Week of the Cactus

Weeks like this where all three of us have colds really stink! We’d been very lucky this winter and avoided many ills. This one got us good, however; congested, voiceless, coughing at night…

We sat down for our bilingual dinner last night. My husband scarcely had a voice, but was game to croak out some español. Our child spoke Spanish to start then continued in English. Soon I followed suit in inglés, without intending to. I lacked all concentration: too much congestion pressing on my brain to think straight. Not our pinnacle shining moment, but a bad night makes a good one feel better, right? I’m working to console myself because our incomplete weekly Spanish conversation night felt awful to me. Perhaps it wasn’t reasonable to push when we all have colds. Chill. Cálmate, Rebecca.

Ah, remember when I was on cloud 9? We had a very fun bilingual home that month.

We are a bit stuck in the moment in our Spanish program. Honestly, we’re in a dry spell, but we begin and end with español every day. I’m hoping that constancy counts in the long run. That, and a future trip to Mexico may help out too. There’s no shortcut, so far no one can neural download a new language in a few hours. Day by day is how we learn. Patience, fortitude, love. The cactus will bloom.

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! Olé!  –Rebecca

In Spanish speaking countries people celebrate Saints’ Days: ¡Feliz día de San Patricio! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



Rebecca Cuningham

9 thoughts on “Week of the Cactus

  1. Hope you all get better soon Rebecca! 😦 I was wondering, have you considered doing a weekly family boardgames night in Spanish? The board games provide discussion matter and might help prompting the Spanish without too much thinking, as well as having a great family time. We do that on Saturday nights with my eldest and she really enjoys it… and us too! The gets very sad if we ever skip it for whatever reason.

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    1. Hola, what a good idea! We play board games in Spanish spontaneously here and there during the week sometimes, but I think a dedicated Spanish while game playing night’s a great idea. Gracias! -Rebecca

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