More Than a Show, It’s an Espectáculo

Hola! The Fiesta Americana Hotel in Cozumel knows how to entertain its guests. The fire show was simple yet dazzling. Half a dozen well-muscled men and women in form-fitting clothing twirled flaming batons, rotated bright circles and spun a giant cube.



A short video of the octagon spinner:

Kids and adults enjoyed the evening spectacle. Spandex, metal luminaries and flame caused a sensation without a bus load of pesos to bankroll the presentation. Evening shows like these remind me humans have entertained one another like this for centuries. Yet I was exhilirated by the espectáculo as if I experienced fire for the first time.

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! Olé!

Cube. Photo credit: Rebecca Cuningham










Rebecca Cuningham

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