Mother’s Day in Spain & Latin America

We tend to think of holiday calendar traditions as fixed and universal. However, in the United States, we honor our nurturers the second Sunday in May, and in the UK they do in March! When we go south through the Americas, the variation gets wider. Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador have a set date of May 10th for the celebration of Mothers.

Ten other countries in the Caribbean and Latin America mark the same date as the US for the fiesta! From the chart I generated, you’ll see that among 22 Spanish-speaking countries there are no fewer than nine different dates Mother’s Day is observed. I think I expected continuity in Spain and Latin America. But the Dominican Republic is the only Spanish-speaking country this side of the pond that shares a Día de las Madres date with the Motherland, the first Sunday in May.

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day in your home town, and what time of year?

What is the same, no matter the language or country, is the love that nurturers have for the people they take care of and the love they are given in return.

Happy Day to all who take care of others!

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! Olé! –Rebecca

Mother's Day

Correction: Mother’s Day in Chile is May 10th, not the second Sunday in May.





Rebecca Cuningham

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