Best Post I Read This Week

I received a great tip this week from the website called Blog on the Hyphen that focuses on Latinxs* literature, culture and arts. It reblogged this article by Miguel Luciano about the Young Lords of New York. The essay shows reproductions and murals of historic photos by Hiram Maristany and indicates where they are placed around Harlem. These photographs commemorate the Young Lord’s protests to improve living conditions in the 1960s. The Young Lords were founded by Puerto Rican Americans in Chicago, then membership expanded to New York. Information about their organization was completely new to me. I am glad to learn more about it.

Hiram Maristany’s photos are stunning. My favorite is the one of the Young Lords marching. Which caught your eye?

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco. Olé! –Rebecca

Flag of Puerto Rico

*Latinxs (La-TEEN-ex) is a way for Latinos to refer to themselves without using gender, since -o would specify male gender.

Rebecca Cuningham

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