Who Are the Climate Emergency Five?

Several countries have declared an official Climate Emergency this year. Three are in Europe and two in the Americas. In these countries people believe that climate change is a serious threat to life on earth. Nine other countries have major cities that have declared Climate Emergencies: US, Australia, Austria, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.

What sets the Climate Emergency Five apart? The nations who feel the climate crisis merits decisive action are the UK, Ireland, France, Canada, and Argentina. Is it that they are the most organized democracies? Perhaps. They have the most active protesters? Could be. They use the least coal, oil and gas? No, not so. A climate emergency declaration is not foolproof, but it is an excellent step toward global cooperation in this severe crisis. We have 10 years to get our planet in order. These 5 countries are the advance guard for this work.

The United States is not even close to making an official Climate Emergency statement. Only 18 cities in the US have done so. Why has the senate of Argentina made this important step? In Argentina’s case, I think that Argentine protesters have a lot of experience making their voices heard. Future Fridays organized protests there this year. Additionally, the Argentine legislators are moving to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Congratulations Argentina, for leading the way in Latin America on the topic of climate. Although this happened last week, you may not find this story in a US newspaper. Let me know if your search engine found more about Argentina’s decision than mine did.

What steps shall we take to reduce climate change?

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! Olé!  -Rebecca

Future Fridays Argentina, europapress.es
Rebecca Cuningham

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      1. Ms. Trina, thank you for calling this to my attention. I apologize, because I was wrong! Both Chile And western Argentina have what is called: Valdivian temperate rain forests. There’s always more to learn I find. Gracias, Rebecca

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