What’s your ideal destination?

If your fairy godmother asked you what trip you’d like to take, what would you say?

I’d like to sail from Florida (or Mexico) to Cuba. I’d go with my extended family; Grandparents, sister and family, and my little family, with Grandpa as captain or first mate. The movies I’ve seen of Habana and Cuba are filled with beautiful beaches, friendly people, incredible music and classic cars. It looks like a wonderful place to vacation. “Habana, hu na na, half of my heart is in Habana…” as Camila Cabello would say.

What’s your ideal trip? I’d love to know. All you need is an email address to sign in and comment below. Your email will remain private.

¡Gracias! for reading Fake Flamenco. ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Classic Car, RC
Rebecca Cuningham

26 thoughts on “What’s your ideal destination?

  1. Great post. I’ve always wanted to see Cuba and do hope that one day it will be easier for U.S. citizens to visit the island. For right now, my ideal trip is a visit to Scotland. I’ve heard so much about it from Scottish friends and the scenery there is at times surreal. It would also be one more part of the United Kingdom to see after visiting England and Ireland. I truly enjoyed both of those trips although I must say I fell harder for Dublin than I did for London. I just hope I actually do have the courage to try haggis when I go.

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    1. Thank you! Cuba is more difficult to reach for we in the US for now. I would love to go to Scotland too! The pictures look so beautiful. If haggis is anything like menudo, it is most likely delicious. Definitely worth a try. : ) Rebecca


  2. Mars–but before everyone else arrives. :-). Honestly, space travel is such an incredibly exciting fantasy for me. Unfortunately, it will be for those who are young, exceptionally fit and brilliant in the scientific fields.

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    1. Cool idea! Have you seen the movie the Martian? The book was better, as they almost always are, but Matt Damon did a good job. It would be amazing to travel to another planet!


  3. I haven’t been to Puerto Rico and would like to go some winter. As for visiting another country, so many of them seem beautiful that it is hard to choose. Austria and Costa Rica.

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    1. Sounds great. I haven’t been to Austria. The pastries there are great from what I’ve heard. Puerto Rico is beautiful, very bilingual and has delicious food (flan!) I loved Costa Rica too. So many wonderful places to choose from. -Rebecca


  4. Oh this is a tough question!

    I have an ever-growing list but one of my dream trips would be to travel from Chile’s Atacama desert (Staying at that new campsite next to the observatory); then slowly making my way south to Ushuaia. If I won the lottery, I’d also combine that with the cruise to Antartica that leaves from there! 🙂

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    1. Sounds fantastic! My husband and I lived in Chile for a year in 2001-2002. We traveled north in winter snd south in summer. It’s an incredibly beautiful country. I must finish digitizing my photos!

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