Who is the Second Woman Governor of Puerto Rico?

Hot off the press. You’ll only find this news here this afternoon! Puerto Rico has another new governor! I’ll give the backstory now:

After thousands of protesters marched daily in San Juan for two weeks, Ricardo Rosselló the Governor of Puerto Rico stepped down in July. He left halfway through his four year term. The scandals were many; misuse of funds for rebuilding after Hurricane María and sexist and homophobic comments in the electronic correspondence among officials. Several messages went so far as to celebrate the imagined death of the mayor of San Juan. The Puerto Rican people, joined by celebrities such as Ricky Martin and “Bad Bunny” demonstrated so that the governor would resign.

When Wanda Vázquez refused to be governor, Pedro Pierluisi was acting governor. That lasted less than a week. He was sworn in before Puerto Rico’s House and Senate approved his appointment. The Tribunal Supremo (Puerto Rican Supreme Court) nullified his swearing in and declared the 2005 Law of Succession unconstitutional.

Wanda Vázquez has again been called to be Governor of Puerto Rico. El Vocero news  says she will be sworn in today (7 August) in a private ceremony without the press. Opposition to her appointment state that as Secretary of Justice she was part of the corrupt administration surrounding Rosselló and should not be governor. Will she finish his 4 year term, and leave office in 2021?

Will the Puerto Rican people accept her as Governor? Let me know what you think.

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! ¡Olé! -Rebecca

Vázquez, as PR Secretary of Justice, from PR Department of Justice Website
Rebecca Cuningham

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