Which Language Do You Choose?

Your fairy godmother is back in town! In Spanish she’s your Hada Madrina. This week she’ll grant you the wish to speak the language of your choice immediately, no vocabulary drills or 1001 Verbs to prepare. She waves her wand and it goes online!

If you could speak any language fluently overnight, what would it be?

Rebecca: I’d choose Mandarin Chinese, because 900 million potential conversation partners sounds great to me. Mandarin is the second most commonly spoken language in the world after English. ¡Gracias, Hada Madrina! Xiè xie!

Tell us the story behind your choice as well! Leave a note below : )

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! ¡Olé!

Your Hada Madrina says, “Which language do you choose?”  


¡Gracias a la familia Linares Gil, por la Hada Madrina de la foto!

Rebecca Cuningham

11 thoughts on “Which Language Do You Choose?

      1. I can learn Spanish. But if I were to wake up one morning with a language it would be Gaelic because it’s difficult to learn. At least it has been for me. My grandfather was Irish but an ancestral language would actually be Romansh or German. My grandmother spoke fluently but I don’t know which language it was. We just called it Swiss.

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  1. I’d definitely choose Spanish since I’ve chosen to make Colombia my home. What’s been most surprising to me is the level of difficulty I’m having with language acquisition at the moment. There aren’t any Spanish language schools in the town where I live, and although I’ve made a concerted effort to find a private teacher, there have been no takers up to this point.

    Being trained as a language teacher myself, I foolishly thought I’d be able to learn on my own with the aid of some online resources. However, the crucial element of face to face interaction is missing and for me that’s the key. I think a combination of classroom guidance and practical experience within the given culture on a daily basis is the best combination for acquisition. Learning a new language takes motivation, dedication and perseverance. I’m not giving up, though, so wish me luck!

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    1. Buena suerte, Henry! Antonio, our favorite language teacher in Santiago, Chile could be a good person for you to visit for a few weeks. I think you two would get along famously. As a teacher he’s funny and rigorous at the same time. -Rebecca


  2. I’m torn between Swiss German and Hungarian, although my grandchildren also speak English perfectly well so I don’t really need either unless I go visit them in Zurich. Actually if “speak” includes reading, I might go for Middle English and read lots of cool medieval stuff in the original.

    Great question, Rebecca!

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    1. Yes, both languages have such rich musical traditions! Listening to David Byrne’s Brazilian music collection Beleza Tropical helped me learn Portuguese the summer I took the intensive class. -Rebecca


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