Is Friday the 13th Lucky?

A decade ago, a friend told me that she had changed her mind about Friday the 13th; not the movie with lots of ketchup, the calendar date. She decided it would be a day of blessings. I realized she was right, and that convinced me to rewind my tape on the whole affair. We create our own luck, or misfortune.

Friday the 13th is not universal. In Greece, Spain and Latin America, it is Tuesday the 13th that’s unlucky. Tuesday is Martes in Spanish, named for the Greek god of war, Marte.

As the saying goes, “El martes, ni te cases ni en embarques”. “On Tuesday, don’t get married or set off on a trip…” For some folks in Spanish-speaking countries, this is taken to an extreme, they’ll tell you Tuesday the 13th: “Don’t cut your hair, or even think about trimming your nails.”

To a person from the US, that sounds over the top. Wait, remember how many buildings, for example in New York and Chicago, have no 13th floor? If it’s a high rise they do, of course, but it’s named 14. Smile, we live in glass houses, it seems..

In 2019, we’ve had one Tuesday the 13th, in August. Did all the hair salons close that day in Spain? Did everyone with a broken nail just limp along until the 14th? This year, we’ll have a second Friday the 13th in December: lucky or unlucky? What do you say?

How do you feel about today’s date? Did you have your lucky shirt ready? Leave a comment below, dear readers. Love hearing your views.

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco. ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

13 thoughts on “Is Friday the 13th Lucky?

  1. When I lived in the US I often wondered why they spoke about Friday the 13th being unlucky. Then I realised it may be because of the prophesy of Jacques de Molay, who on Friday, but the 18th, was burned at the stake by the King of France, thus ending the Templar Order, of the which de Molay was the last Grand Master. His curse upon the king and the pope is thought of as being the origins of the superstitious belief that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day. As a Spaniard, I always was told that the unlucky day was Tuesday the 13th, however, I do not believe any of that as I do believe that all days are a blessing from God and that God…at least my God…does not curse days of the week. Good article and thank you for your insight.

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    1. Gracias, Francisco! Thank you for your thoughts on Friday the 13th. Also interesting to hear the other side of the coin, growing up with Tuesday the 13th. I like your positive frame of mind about the days of the week. -Rebecca

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