World Music in Madison

Madison has incredible free festivals all summer long. We enjoy free live music to celebrate our brief warm months. I’d like to show you a sample from last weekend’s entertainment, the World Music Festival and Willy St. Fair.

The festival begins on the outdoor patio of the UW Wisconsin Union. We sit on the signature Union terrace chairs to listen to international expats recreate the sound of home. Up until recently, the festival brought musicians from around the world to Madison, but the visa laws changed and the bands must make $10,000 while they are in the US to get permission to make the trip. The bands are still fantastic, but the scope is different.

Friday at the Wisconsin Union terrace, Newpoli, music from Italy

Newpoli, an Italian mix of old and new  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Saturday on Williamson Street, second day of the festival. Great Brazilian band.

Samba Novistas, Brazilian music we love to dance to rain or shine! We were lucky to have ideal weather. Lovely Ana Paula from Brazil sings the classics and new compositions. I made a very short video to give you a taste of their music.

Second band that day was from Madagascar!

Toko Telo, Madagascar music

Toko Telo, Music from Madagascar played with beautiful rhythms and voices.

Sunday Willy St Fair Parade

Another short video, of two young women using a “German Wheel”, a hamster-wheel-like invention for humans to spin around head to toe and back again. Their arms are outstretched above their heads and they are back to back, lean farther and farther and loop de loop!

Festival season is coming to a close in Madison.

What’s your favorite festival?

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! ¡Olé! –Rebecca

P.S. Two photos are sideways, but these Fake Flamenco videos are right side up. Why? I don’t know! Have a great weekend. -R


Rebecca Cuningham

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