25 Years Ago Today

Evan and I went on our first date in 1994. While we were going to UT Austin, we met at a party in 1993. First we dated each other’s colleagues. He and I were friends for a year and email pen pals for two months when internet mail was new. Correspondence was key to us learning what we had in common; turns out it was quite a lot. Our family histories were parallel, similar professions and outlooks.

Twenty five years ago today we went out to lunch, just the two of us. He chose a vegetarian restaurant, which I found impressive. I hadn’t met many guys who favored that type of cuisine until I met Evan. Then, we walked from the restaurant to the Elizabeth Ney Museum; a woman sculptor in the mid-1800s who has work in the US Capitol. The thoughtful man who first took me there was impressing me.

I smile thinking of his kindness throughout our journey, his creativity, his sincere goodness, his delight in learning, his sense of humor. He learned Spanish and we traveled in South America and Spain. We learned to dance tango together, yet not every day is a dance with a rose between my teeth.

When we fight, we talk respectfully. Evan and I communicate through it all; the passing of grandparents, step-parents and dear friends. We’ve supported one another through depression, lymphoma and fertility challenges. Ten years ago we were lucky enough to bring a child into the world together.

No father reads more devotedly, in several voices, Dr. Seuss, Wind in the Willows, and Harry Potter to his child…

We are lucky to spend our lives together. In the wedding photo above and the complete photo below, we are saying the word, “love” . Tomorrow we celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary! ¡Olé!

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! –Rebecca

1999 Wedding Saying Love partial
Evan and Rebecca   Photo: Uvalde Photo

Maybe we were saying, ¡Olé!, and didn’t know it. ; ) R

Rebecca Cuningham

16 thoughts on “25 Years Ago Today

    1. Hola, amiga del alma! Gracias por compartir está ocasión importante con Evan y conmigo. Valoro mucho la amistad contigo que tenemos y preservamos tu y yo tras los años. Te deseó un otoño bonito, saludable y feliz para ti y tu familia. Saludos y abrazos! Rebecca


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