10 Peeks at a Fairyland of Snow

Tuesday morning we woke up, looked out the window, and what did we see? Our landscape was transformed overnight into a winter wonderland.

Evergreen bush with vanilla frosting  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Each tree carried a canopy of fluff.

Street scene with flocked trees nearby and in the distance. Wet pavement from melted snow.  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

The temperatures had dropped below zero freezing the precipitation. Say, have I ever mentioned that we talk about the weather a lot in the Midwest? That is due, I believe, to the fact our seasons mark dramatic changes. A month ago by the calendar autumn began. Now, what? Snow in October? Oh, no problem. People cheerfully pulled on hats and gloves and headed out the door to work or school. The snow on the pavement and sidewalks had already melted.

Several large heart shaped leaves hang on an otherwise bare small tree. The leaves have a centimeter of snow crusted on their top edge. Photo: Rebecca

The pixies spent the entire night painting trees!

Red berry-tipped tree covered in snow.  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham


My neighbor and I tiptoed into a frosty land on our morning walk to the park.

Two dozen flower seed heads with new winter bonnets  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

What a treat for our feathered friends, birdseed and a drink at the same time!

A wooden fence with two twenty foot cherry trees clad in white  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

These twin cherry trees beyond the fence almost looked to be in bloom again.

A park with four large trees in the foreground, open water and around forty geese foraging on land in the snow.  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

The geese enjoy their snack, grass with a side of snow. By the afternoon most ice melted in the sun and warming air.

Leaves of every color with a spattering of snow by dry sidewalk  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Have I mentioned yet it’s almost summer in South America? I could tango in a snappy sundress in Buenos Aires or protest while wearing a wide brimmed hat in Santiago de Chile. Or I could stay in Madison to wait for the next snowfall. Look, it’s already here!

Evergreen with clumps of snow on each branch  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

What is the weather like in October where you live?

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

33 thoughts on “10 Peeks at a Fairyland of Snow

      1. I can imagine. the thing is, you guys are organized for it. Snow scrappers, shovel your alleys, have good heating and warm clothes when you go out. Problem in Mexico is it gets cold from now till January. Can get as low as upper 30’s. And almost no house has central heating. I’m having heaters installed this week. 😉

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      2. We have round the clock snow plows too! I used to laugh in Texas when the whole city shut down with 2 inches of snow, but they didn’t have plows and it made a lot of sense to prevent accidents. Yes, indoor heat is a major factor for comfort, winter parkas and snow boots. Heaters sound lovely for your freezing temperatures.

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