Art on the Street, Madison Style

Madison majors in a funky, artsy atmosphere. We don’t have our hearts on our sleeves, our personalities are revealed in the paint of our exterior walls. I’ve admired the photographs of street art on; Travel with Intent, Equinoxio and My Quest Blog. Look below, a Madison splash of color and surprising sculptures await you.

Madison Willy St. Grocery Cooperative Nature and Food Mural
Boring picket fence? We have a solution! First Street Mural
Side Mural at Monona Drive Body Art Shop, Dave Gutkowski and Crew
Mike Lroy Mural (left) on Handel Automotive building, Monona Drive
Victory Cafe Wall by owner Patrick Downey, Atwood Neighborhood
Sid Boyum’s Pagoda in Olbrich Park
Dr. Evermore’s Recycled Metal Birds
Mother Fool’s Rotating Exhibit Graffiti Wall, Portrait by Audifax
Love Mural by Michael Owen on the Side of the Nightclub Formerly Known as Prism


What is your favorite type of art?

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco. ¡Olé! –Rebecca


See surprises from photographers around the world by clicking on Six Word Saturday.



Rebecca Cuningham

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