Top 5 Latin American Food, Culture and News Blogs

I’ve found blogs that inspire me daily. Blogs that post photos, news, and recipes from Latin America interest me; US newspapers focus on issues closer to home. The Americas are so large and varied. I subscribe to many sites in order to get a broad picture of the peoples, their governments and the environment.

Fake Flamenco’s top five blogs about Latin America are:

  1. Come from Away:  Canadian family lives and travels in Chile. Good photos, stories and destinations.
  2. Blog on the Hyphen:  Hip Latin art and cultural events in the US, Latinx news and breakthroughs.
  3. Repeating Islands: Fascinating posts on Caribbean art, history, and present day culture.
  4. My Slice of Mexico: Delicious easy-to-follow recipes by a Mexican-born chef,
  5. Over the Andes: Well-presented Spanish language and cultural lessons.

Since many Fake Flamenco readers know Spanish, I’ll post two more:

  • El Ciudadano: Chilean online newspapers reporting unwelcome truths. (problemas técnicos…perhaps Piñera does not like its perspective)
  • Un año en la selva: Mexican naturalist tells the story of jungle flora, fauna and the  environment.

What information do you like to have at your fingertips? What are your favorite blogs or newspapers?

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! ¡Olé! –Rebecca

World Fact Book map of the Americas


Rebecca Cuningham

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