Ever Seen the Lobster Claw Flower?

Thank goodness for the Madison tropical flower pavilion at Olbrich Gardens that fools my senses into thinking it’s summer! Outrageously showy flowers like these make me smile.

It’s another unusual plant brought to you by the Heliconiaceae Family

Common names: Lobster Claw, Pico de Loro (Parrot Beak in Spanish!)

This beauty is found in tropical forests in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panamá, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Perú, Paraguay, Argentina, and Bolivia.

Lobster claw flower at Olbrich Gardens pavilion. Photo: Rebecca Cuningham


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Gracias for visiting Fake Flamenco! ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

22 thoughts on “Ever Seen the Lobster Claw Flower?

  1. Astonishing 😀. Your sensibility for nature wonders —and life, in general— is enriching and fortunately, contagious. Thanks for being there, Rebecca.
    PS: a very interesting garden have you people in Madison.

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  2. I saw these all over guatemala a few years ago. I for some reason thought they would be on the small side..but they grow to be huge! Glorious flowers. Thank you for bringing back such a terrific memory!

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