Great Sushi at Midori’s Floating World

The best sushi I’ve eaten East of the Rockies was at Midori’s Floating World Cafe in Minneapolis. The fish was so fresh. Our food was excellent when we went with a party of two and of ten. We are lucky enough to travel to the Twin Cities several times a year to visit family. Midori’s has reasonable prices and is centrally located on East Lake St. near the Hiawatha light rail. We plan to go again (and again)!

Midori’s Floating World Café Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Six word Saturday is a worldwide phenom, check it out!

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

7 thoughts on “Great Sushi at Midori’s Floating World

  1. Looks like a very pretty restaurant and sounds like they’ve great sushi. It is always good to know good sushi places in town! great post, Rebecca,
    All the best,

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