Witty in 7 Letters or Less

Madison may be the personalized license plate capital of the United States. [example: QUIRKY] Why do we see five or more vanity plates per day here? [MTHRSHP] We have a liberal Department of Transportation policy, a low initial investment, and an individualist culture. [SNAZZY] Instead of a $100 up front fee for a specialized plate, in Wisconsin it’s $15 a year plus the standard renewal fees. [HOOORAY] 650,000 people live in our metropolitan area. [HI THERE] From the creative use of 7 letters we’ve seen on license plates around town, many people are extremely clever! [JAZITUP] Give them a tiny blank slate of expression and VOILA (another example!)

In our car during the daily commute our passengers amuse themselves by searching for a sagacious turn of phrase on the vehicles around us. [GR8 KYDZ] Each day we keep a small notebook of the best plates. [LE PAWZ] Our rules are no proper names and no people’s initials. [SO THERE] For five years we have chronicled the funniest, smartest and punniest ones. [NOT2LT] Last year a new world opened up to us; 8 letters or numbers on plate identifications, because our population increased. [WDSMNHRT] The possibilities are enormous. [NEGOC8TR]

Here are our top 10 funniest and punniest:

  1. I H8 SNOW
  2. ET WI CHZ
  4. MUGGL3
  7. ANT MRY (VW Bug)
  9. B N NAUTY
  10. TARDIS

10 Most Brilliant:

  1. OBLIVI8
  3. SLR PWD (Tesla)  ENRGIZER (Prius) AMPED2 (electric car)
  4. MO2V8ED
  6. WAK4NDA
  7. YTINAV (this one took me a year to decipher!)
  8. HOL E COW
  10. CR8 UNI T
Un beso/ A kiss; Wisconsin license plate in Spanish

Top 10 plates in Spanish!:

  1. MAMBERO (Mambo dancer man)
  2. AMIGO (Friend)
  3. FRI3OLE (3 for the j, Bean)
  4. CARRO (Car)
  5. DIOSMIO (My God)
  6. LA PAZ (Peace, Bolivian Capital)
  7. IRLANDA (Ireland)
  8. BAILA (Dance)
  9. DE NADA (You’re welcome)
  10. MONITOS (Little Monkeys, car parked near an elementary school)

Are there vanity plates in your town? Would you get one if the price were an additional $15 a year and you travel by car? What letters or numbers would you choose? Hm, how about FKFLMNCO ? <wink>

for reading Fake Flamenco. This is my 202nd post! ¡Olé! –Rebecca


Rebecca Cuningham

12 thoughts on “Witty in 7 Letters or Less

  1. Very creative you guys are in Wisconsin…great idea, too bad they don’t believe in individual expression, expressed in your licence plate, in the European Union!
    have a great night, Rebecca and all the best from Spain,

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