Shining, Sparkling Snow Round Tenney Lagoon

Shining, Sparkling Snow

Bright day, 0ºC

my feet dream

of skates, snowshoes, skis.

Winter calls out

love me, you–

today in my glory

and I’ll dazzle

your eyes and soul.

Dark eyelashes shield me

from sun mirrored snow

twice the light

of a summer day.


clothed in layers,

I don the boots

with metal blades

and carve the ice

with my heart.

Warmth of friends,

kids laughing,

Midwest joy captured

in wintry embrace

gliding until we fall.

Rebecca skating at Tenney Park. Photo: Eagle
Version 2
And fall I did! (Rebecca photo upsidedown)

Have a favorite cold-weather sport? How do you like winter?

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco. ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Afternoon on Tenney lagoon, Madison. Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

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Rebecca Cuningham

21 thoughts on “Shining, Sparkling Snow Round Tenney Lagoon

  1. Hello Rebecca! Great poem! I really loved the imagery you painted…hope you had a great day on the ice! I’ve done that before and have become great friend of the ice as we met so often and so frequent, hehehe…anyways, great pic and it looks like a lovely day! Grey and rainy today in Valencia, very unusual, but it takes days like these to appreciate sunny ones! All the best,

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