Chilean Film Wins Cannes Festival Gold

Director Patricio Guzmán Lozanes’ The Cordillera of Dreams won best documentary at the Cannes Film festival in May 2019. He has produced a series of films about his native land. His earlier Battle of Chile trilogy concentrated on the social movements against the dictatorship. Guzmán Lozanes left Chile after Pinochet took power in 1973, to live in exile in France. His current film has beautiful cinematography of the Andes Mountains. For Guzmán, La Cordillera – the mountain range of the Andes is a witness and a teacher of Chilean history. In Santiago, the mountains are a backdrop, a point of reference, a border. For a preview, see the trailer.

La Cordillera Santiago
Andes Mountains above Santiago – La Cordillera Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Movie screenings have begun in the coastal cities of the United States. This documentary La Cordillera de los Sueños will reach Chicago in October 2020.

I have yet to see one of Guzmán’s films and I look forward to the Midwestern showings of his most recent work. The views of the Andes in the trailer are stunning.

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Chilean Flag. Photo: Rebecca Cuningham



Rebecca Cuningham

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