Fish in Tree? Can that Be?

3 silly signs we saw. Yesterday, Eagle and I went on a bike ride to a park nearby. For me, this was a grand achievement. My ankle has healed enough to pedal, hurrah!

As we traveled along the bike path, we saw the funniest sign, if taken out of context:

Fish Refuge? Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

We’d never seen a tree fish refuge before. It reminded us of the, “Fish in a tree? How can that be?” Dr. Seuss wrote in Hop on Pop. We saw a documentary about wildlife in Cuba recently. Many unique animals live on the island. A gar fish that lives in cenotes (limestone freshwater ponds) there is able to breathe air if the water doesn’t have enough oxygen… Will they compete for nesting space in trees next?

Last November I saw a sign outside the Monroe Street Library that made me giggle. See what you think:

No Backing into Stalls Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

The erudite library crowd knows that reading is fundamental. Note also the truck  occupies a spot that says “No Parking.”

Finally, a sign in our own home. We have a former cologne bottle we display in sunny window (like the Chilean poet Neruda did) and fill with flowers come spring.

Federal Law Prohibits, Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Have a good joke to share?

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! ¡Olé! –Rebecca

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Rebecca Cuningham

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    1. Yes, they crack me up. As for MOMA shows, Dorothea Lange was such a fabulous photographer. I can see why you were looking forward to it. Hope they’ll exhibit it when it reopens. -Rebecca

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