Which Chilean Animal Are You?

How are you feeling this week? Which of these iconic Chilean wildlife personalities best describe your quarantine coping strategy?

Humbolt Penguin Photo: LadyofHats


Pengüino Humbold (Humbolt Penguin): Cuddly. All cozy with your loved ones in your burrow. Occasional forays for fish.




Andean Condor Photo: Tomás Tapia Hoppe


Condor: Distant. Flying above the fray, diving in hourly for the latest worldwide stats.




Monito del monte: Colocolo Opossum Photo: Valeriefarias


Monito del Monte (Colocolo Opossum): Torpor. Napping motionless by day, the Colocolo opossum emerges only at night when there is enough food.





Picaflor/Hummingbird Photo: Ralf Christian Gamper


Picaflor (Hummingbird): Busy. Your wings never stop fluttering; nesting, harvesting nectar, brooding the chicks.






Chungungo/Chilean Otter Photo: Ralf Christian Gamper


Chungungo (Otter): Playful. Games, physical activity, and the joy of good company.




Guanaco Photo: PowersPhotos at English Wikipedia



Guanaco (wild llama cousin): Jumpy. Leaping over fences in a single bound to avoid contact.





South American Puma Photo: Wolves201


Puma: Snarly. Stay two meters away or I will bite. Growl.




Yesterday I alternated between Puma and Monito del Monte. Today I’m feeling more Otterish.

Which animal do you identify with, of these seven? Does your outlook change with the day?

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

23 thoughts on “Which Chilean Animal Are You?

  1. When the hunger kicks in Puma all the way! But overall like a Humminbird, keeping myself busy and my mind active since there’s nothing but time right now. This whole experience is nothing short of surreal.

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  2. Great post Rebecca! Love it! I will say the otter as we do a lot of physical activity even doing 3 k runs in the flat daily! Gotta keep fit during quarantine…
    Take good care, stay safe and all the best!

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      1. Hehe…it works out because it’s a rather large flat, long and extended and all on one level so going around and around you get to the 3k in about 35 mins…it breaks up the afternoon and leads us towards wine time at 7p in the afternoon…gotta keep busy during these days…take good care Rebecca and stay safe. All the best from Spain

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