Chalk Art at a New Level

People-watching is fleeting on deserted Madison streets during our first four weeks of sheltering at home. Two days ago I saw one person per block as I walked, my face covered in a scarf. Near Tenney Park, a man got in his car. On the sidewalk in front of his house I saw high-brow Mondrian-esque chalk drawings. What amazing feats with chalk, tape, concrete and a spot of time!

Pink green orange and blue Modrian chalk square Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
6-Pointed Star Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Painted glass installation Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Got chalk? Have a roll of blue construction tape? When it warms up, we may have a new creative outlet; our sidewalk. Photos to come.

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! ¡Olé! –Rebecca

PS See Travel with Intent for great photos titled with six words.



Rebecca Cuningham

18 thoughts on “Chalk Art at a New Level

  1. That is a great idea Rebecca and lovely forms drawn in the sidewalk…looks like Madison will look much better in the summer with so much street art. Great! All the best, Rebecca

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      1. Great idea! Your city is very artistic and creative. This is the second public art you’ve brought to us and I think it’s great!

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