4 New Flowers Along the Walk

Have I said how much I like “6 Word Saturday”? I’ve loved taking photographs since my parents gave me my first camera, a Brownie, when I was 9. My favorite memory is of taking photos of a sunset in Arizona. When we got the film back, however, there were my captures of the setting sun in gradations of black and white… Pretty funny beginner mistake!

Our garden is blooming daffodil cultivars for which I have no names. I think the two below could be called “pinwheel” variety. What do you think?

Daffodils with orange pinwheels Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Hmm, this is a pinwheel too, but slightly different. Have an idea for a name?

Daffodil with orange hibiscus pinwheel Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

I’d call this one below lemon sherbet.

Large Cup Yellow Daffodil Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

This red tulip is waiting for the next sunny day…

Red Tulip in Waiting Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Let us know below what you’d name the pinwheel daffodils!

Six Word Saturday hosted by Travel with Intent has a beautiful photo offering each weekend.

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! ¡Olé! –Rebecca



Rebecca Cuningham

26 thoughts on “4 New Flowers Along the Walk

  1. they are stunning. I’m not very good with plants or flowers and can only think of narcissus for two colour daffodils.
    We don’t have any in our garden as we are still working out what to do with it.

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    1. Thanks for visiting our garden! What I like about bulbs are you can plant them in the fall and they’ll come up like clockwork in the spring for years to come.


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