Bird by Bird, One by One

Hola, glad you stopped by. Very excited to show you a few photos and tell you the latest news… Today we have a very special guest photographer, my dear friend Eagle.

House Sparrow   Photo: Eagle

Word from the bird: Fake Flamenco reached 400 Followers this week! ¡Olé!

Robin Photo:  Eagle

I appreciate each one of you. Together we build bridges and create unity in the world.

Shadowy Sparrow Photo: Eagle

Thank you to Eagle for sharing their photos. Gracias to all of you for participating in Fake Flamenco! We’ve reached another milestone together. Your comments and likes make blogging fun.

What birds have you seen recently? Any outside the window or in a park? A friend in Madison saw a heron nesting last weekend!

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Six Word Saturday hosted by Travel with Intent has a beautiful photo offering each weekend.



Rebecca Cuningham

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  1. Lovely photos Rebecca! You know, the sparrow is my first favourite animal with the elephant being the second (not domestic ones because I love cats)…great post!
    All the best,
    Francisco 🙂

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