This Must Be What We’re Missing

Do you like your Communication in black and white?

Black and White Communication  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

On the other hand, do you prefer your Communication in color?

Communication   Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Or, on a third hand, you may prefer enhanced Communication.

Enhanced Communication  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

What is your favorite mode of communication?

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This post inspired by Six Word Saturday hosted by Travel with Intent; offering beautiful photos seven days a week.

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Rebecca Cuningham

24 thoughts on “This Must Be What We’re Missing

  1. Adaptive communication maybe? depending on the audience, the topic, the mood. (Worked at Ogilvy & Mather for a while).
    Of all three oix, the B&W is the best. B&W simplifies, carries the main message.

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      1. I simply mean that you should adapt to your audience. Presenting the same Market research results to junior product managers is not the same as the Chief Marketing Officer, or in some rare cases, the CEO. Data is the same, just need to adapt your communication to your audience. As an aside the best presentations I have always made were to a great audience. If you present to morons, well… ain’t the same result. 😉

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      2. I looked up the phrase adaptive communication and found very interesting work about personality types by Taibi Kahler – the Process Communication Model; imaginer, promoter, rebel, harmonizer, thinker, persister. According to his theory we are a combination of all six in differing degrees. Thanks for steering me in that direction! -Rebecca

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