The United States is Under Construction

Our nation is under construction

rebuilding liberty’s


planning the


of equality


 pillars of

justice for all

It’ll be beautiful

once our foundation’s level

—Rebecca Cuningham 2020

This post inspired by Six Word Saturday hosted by Travel with Intent; offering beautiful photos seven days a week.

Construction Cranes  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

#6WS  #Photography #stopracism

Rebecca Cuningham

13 thoughts on “The United States is Under Construction

    1. Thanks for your comments, Francisco. We live near the center of town where construction is booming. Our little city is growing up. And now for the US to go through the painful birthing process of a more just society.

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      1. I am sure your city will thrive and grow and as beautiful as it is, the results should be smashing!

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  1. So true. After this pandemic and the departure of protestors and rioters, America needs a long look in the mirror because we are heading in a good direction. Either we fix the problems we have or we descend into complete chaos for the forseeable future.


    1. I agree, consciousness is raising about what the long standing problems are. Time to move forward and act on the information. 400 years is too long for this suffering to continue.


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