Where Do US Retirees Live in Mexico?

Why is not so mysterious. Who’d not want to live in paradise with good weather, great food, friendly people and good prices. For those reasons and more thousands of US retirees have obtained permanent resident status in Mexico. In the Midwestern United States we’ve all heard of snow birds, but these folks live in sunny Mexico full time. According to 2018 statistics, the ten states of the Estados Unidos Mexicanos where you’ll find the highest number of gringo pensioners are: Baja California (BC), Baja California Sur (BS), Mexico City (DF), Guanajuato (GT), Jalisco (JA), Nayarit (NA), Quintana Roo (QR), Sinaloa (SI), Sonora (SO) and Yucatan (YU).

Map of Mexican States by Two Letter Abbreviation Creator: El bart089, from map made by Yavidaxiu

Six of the ten states with the most Permanent Residents from the United States are on the west coast of Mexico, two are in the Yucatan Peninsula to the east and two are central, Mexico City and Guanajuato.

The charts I’m consulting from the Mexican states have a division of people over 45 and people over 70, so my grouping of people over 55 or 65 cannot be precise. However, the data showed older people (over 45) are much more likely to be permanent residents than those under 25, six to ten times more likely. Let’s look at the top three states:

Permanent residents in Mexico from the US

Baja California  Under 45: 518  Over 45: 6580

Baja California Sur  Under 45: 744  Over 45: 5403

Jalisco  Under 45: 838  Over 45: 6892

So, the majority live on “Queen Califa’s island” as it was called by Spanish explorers, also known as Baja, or in Jalisco of Puerto Vallarta fame. I was surprised that the number of US retiree expats who are permanent residents in the Yucatan Peninsula was only 2339 in QR and 1418 in the YU. These figures show a portion of the US population that has settled in Mexico, although it does not include official temporary residents and people who might have overstayed their visas.

Does retiring abroad interest you? Where would you spend  your golden years?

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flag of mexico
Mexican Flag Photo by Hugo L on Pexels.com
Rebecca Cuningham

4 thoughts on “Where Do US Retirees Live in Mexico?

  1. Interesting data, Rebecca. I wonder if their preferred coastal retreats are already being impacted by rising sea levels? As I told my sister who is planning to retire in America’s desert region (Palm Springs), one should consider which areas–whether here in the USA or any other region worldwide–will be most impacted by rising hot temperatures and sea levels.

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