Creating a New Vision

In the United States we are taking a hard look at our history of race relations. We’re talking, listening, learning, and our young people are making art to grieve the dead and envision a new future.

Downtown Madison businesses that lost their front windows in the unrest after George Floyd’s death are putting up plywood and asking young painters to fill the blank canvas. Other businesses have followed suit. The mood on the street today was focused and hopeful. Twelve local artists expressed their sadness, their rage, their challenges to the status quo and their hopes.

I found the murals were moving; speaking emotionally about justice and solidarity. Here are photos I took of examples from a couple of blocks of State Street:

Love by RT (photo RC)
Black Lives Matter, unknown muralist, (photo RC)
See with your Heart, unknown muralist, (photo RC)
Power 2 the Ppl, Samba Restaurant mural, (photo: RC)
Why the Caged Bird Sings, unknown muralist (photo RC)
Protect Black Women mural on the Ragstock storefront by MQ (photo RC)

I was lucky enough to meet two artists as they painted: Cassie Pierce and Synovia Knox.

I am Breonna by Cassie Pierce (photo RC)
Men, not Martyrs by Synovia Knox (photo RC)

If you were invited to paint a mural, what message would you express?

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco and commenting! ¡Olé! –Rebecca




Rebecca Cuningham

12 thoughts on “Creating a New Vision

    1. Thanks for your comment, Carol Anne. They are painted with a lot of love and energy. Say, should I begin the descriptions with a phrase saying they can be for people with visual impairments? What do you think?

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