Alhambra Mind Palace

A nod to the BBC Sherlock series, modern retelling of Sherlock Holmes, in this discussion of a mind palace; a place in our heads dedicated to thought. Such a place functions as a retreat, a refuge, a sanctuary of the cognitive kind. I’d like my conceptual safe haven to look like the Alhambra Palace of Granada, Spain. I would be inspired to form beautiful, well-crafted ideas.

The Córdoba Mosque, the Giralda and Alcázar in Sevilla and the Alhambra in Granada are stunning examples of the magnificent buildings Islamic rulers left behind in Spain, when the Catholic Kings finally sent them packing in 1492. I had a chance to visit the Islamic Palace in Granada when I was a student. I was lucky to return there with my family in 2013. I’ll share with you some of my favorite images of the meditative designs and intricate ornaments.

Alhambra Mosaic  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Geometric ceiling  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Islamic tradition prohibits the use of art that depicts animals and people in religious art. Those figures are considered graven images. As a result, geometric art is developed to a high level.

Patio of the Lions  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Patio of the Lions; the carved lions are one of the only examples of representational art of an animal in the palace. Such carvings were allowed in secular art.

Alhambra Lion  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Tremendous calligraphy also developed as an art form in the Islamic tradition.

Patio of the Lions Column  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

What is your interior retreat? How does it look or feel? Is it silent or is music playing?

Gracias for commenting and reading Fake Flamenco! ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

11 thoughts on “Alhambra Mind Palace

  1. Thank you Rebecca for such a great post! Yes, some of our most beautiful buildings were from the Islamic times. Lovely photographs as well. Take good care and all the best,

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  2. To answer your question… my interior retreat is a project to build SVG versions of Islamic designs. Alhambra is deffo on the bucket list, once the COVID situation allows it!

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    1. Very cool! The geometries are so intricate, they’d look great in SFG. The Alhambra in Granada and buildings in Sevilla have beautiful Islamic designs. Hope the vaccines are available soon so you can travel there!


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