A Little Light on the Subject

When we hide from ourselves in darkness, we stumble on the obstacles we’ve placed underfoot. Yikes, face plant! I’ve done that and had the scraped knees and nose to prove it.

However, when I’m honest with myself about my mistakes, my intentions, and what I need, I can build a new outlook and change.

Every 7 years, I have an epiphany and major change; love relationship, friendships, career, parenting. Blogging these past three years has been enlightening. I have met great people, learned a lot about writing, and have a new understanding about relationships. Thanks for your part in my journey.

What about you? What are you finding out about yourself?

¡Olé! Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! -Rebecca

This post is part of Six Word Saturday.

Egyptian Lamp  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

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Rebecca Cuningham

10 thoughts on “A Little Light on the Subject

  1. To know myself is a lifelong quest. Through blogging, I’ve met several amazing people, like you, who give me hope that we in America can rise above our differences and work together to address the crises we face as a nation and as a planetary species.

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  2. My 5-year blogiversary is coming up in September and I have learned many things, but the 2 most important: 1. There are a LOT of books to read 2. There are so many interesting people in the world.

    Both should keep me occupied for, well, the rest of my life!

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  3. I guess I’m the new kid on the block: I started blogging about 6 months ago. It is really life-affirming to meet other bloggers like you, Rebecca, who seem to share my concerns, attitude toward life, and joys! So nice to meet you! 🌞


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