Is Culver’s Root the Bees’ Knees?

Our garden is not symmetrical, ordered, or precise. Kings of France would look askance. No manicured lawn, no topiaries, no annuals. We have low mow grass where kids can run and as many native wildflowers as I can take care of, and then some.

Culver’s Root and Bumblebees Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Currently the bumblebees and honey bees are feeding on Culver’s root, pinks, and clover. The monarchs are drinking the milkweed and phlox nectar. Our little pollinator garden is where I ground myself. No more calming work outdoors than that which breaks a sweat.

Where is your escape?

¡Olé! Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! -Rebecca

This post is part of Six Word Saturday.

Two Bumblebees on Culver’s Root Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

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Rebecca Cuningham

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