Pot of Gold at the End

A friend who provides reliable weather updates said it would rain last Sunday afternoon. The clouds began to build at four pm, right when I set off on an errand. As I arrived in the store parking lot, I looked to the northwest. An enormous bank of steel gray clouds loomed on the horizon. Time to put on my mask, buy that backup flash drive and high tail it home.

I found a 16 MB flash drive on sale, then got lost in the pen aisle for a while. A staccato noise began. Once I was in the check out lane the source of the sound registered. “It’s raining,” I said to the clerk. He nodded. I glanced out the front door. Looked like a tropical storm out there. Too many raindrops to tango through and stay dry.

Windshield Lake  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

At the end of the transaction, I was about to decline the plastic bag and throw the item in my purse. The clerk strongly discouraged me from this reckless course of action, explaining my purchase was *electronic* and I should make sure *no water touched it*. He wrapped the flash drive package in the polyethylene bag, folded it over theatrically and said, “Hold it like this.” I thanked him for the reminder and stuck the plastic bag in my handbag. He grimaced.

l hung my purse crosswise, stood for the automatic doors to open, and dashed to my car. Really, I didn’t get as wet as I thought I might; damp hair, spots on my clothes and purse, not too bad. Inside the car, I checked my purchase; bone dry due to the double layer. It was as if I had experience with computers and rain before.

I put on my seatbelt and looked through the windshield. It was a mystic lake. Driving home could wait. I photographed the impressionist waters.

Golden Swirl  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Rainy Afternoon Double Headlights  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
The Rain Abates  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

The rain was tapering off, so the car and I splashed through puddles on our way home. Our family made dinner, and the sky made dessert.

Rainbow’s end  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Have you been surprised without your umbrella?

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco!¡Olé!  -Rebecca

This post is part of Six Word Saturday. Check out Debbie and friends’ photos.

Golden Swirl  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

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Rebecca Cuningham

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  1. That is a Serious amount of water on the windshield! and an illuminated modern Van Gogh!!

    I remember that double rainbow, now. It was still raining on us, with a blue sky. 🙂

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