August Poetry Challenge/Reto Poético de Agosto

Hold on, August means summer’s almost over! Time for a new poetry challenge. (en español abajo) For the August Poetry Challenge, we will try the new poetic form called a Nonet.

A nonet is a nine line poem, that goes from 9 syllables in the first line, down to one in the last line. Your poetic mission, should you choose to accept it is to write a nonet poem in English or Spanish by 10 August and paste it into the comments below. Your subject is nature or the seasons.

My example of a nonet (numbers optional):

9 Last year I hadn’t heard of nonets

8 only décima and sonnets,

7 limericks and acrostics,

6 alphabet poetry,

5 tanka and rondels,

4 seguidillas,

3 epitaphs,

2 haiku,

1 odes.

El reto, en español

Espera, llega agosto, significa que el verano se va.* ¡Es hora para un reto poético nuevo! En el Reto Poético de Agosto, haremos una forma nueva que se llama nonet.

Un nonet tiene 9 líneas. Empieza con 9 sílabas en la primera línea y desciende hasta sólo una en la última. Tu misión, si lo aceptes es escribir un nonet en español o inglés antes del 10 agosto y pegarlo en los comentarios abajo. El tema: la naturaleza o las estaciones.  *Bueno, como todo, las estaciones son relativas, ¿no? Es posible que en tu país estén llegando a la primavera…

Mi ejemplo, traducido al español

9 No sabía nada de nonet

8 solo décima, soneto,

7 acróstico, quintilla,

6 y alfabético,

5 tanka y rondas,

4 seguidillas,

3 haiku y

2 odas

1 fin.

(no cabía epitafios)

Gracias por leer Fake Flamenco! Aprecio sus comentarios y sus poemas. ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! I appreciate your comments and poetry entries. ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Grasshopper Green  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

#Poetry Challenge

Jump in! ¡Salta saltamontes!



Rebecca Cuningham

28 thoughts on “August Poetry Challenge/Reto Poético de Agosto

  1. 9 The nights have suddenly grown cooler.
    8 Prairie blossoms begin to droop.
    7 Crisp breeze rustles the branches,
    6 impatient for red leaves.
    5 Furred creatures scurry
    4 as they, and Earth,
    3 rush headlong
    2 into
    1 fall.

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  2. Hi,

    Here is my attempt;

    9) No nets keep butterflies in August
    8) As flaming red wings singe the mesh
    7) To hole the whole knotted mess.
    6) Each swish misses its bug.
    5) Fluttering burns turn
    4) Loop-the-loops for
    3) Fiery flying
    2) Friendly
    1) Moths


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  3. Bueno, aqui va: Se titula 2020:

    Eras el mes de abril sin sol,
    sin lluvia ni esperanza,
    días sin luz que cansan,
    noches sin mar ni fe.
    Tardes verdes y
    del ayer
    sin ser

    Gracias Rebecca por ponernos este reto tan interesante que realmente lo pone a uno a pensar.
    Un saludo valenciano,

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  4. Long ago I planted roses, vines
    to grow along a brand new fence
    now vines cover my tree with
    blousy leaves, pygmy grapes
    roses hang lower
    pink, opulent
    the fence leans

    —a true story. The weight of vines and roses has broken the fence. I really should have pruned!!!

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      1. Wouldn’t know what to do with a nonet, Rebecca. Since I don’t get much of a chance to use my Spanish where we currently live, your post made me happy. 😊

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  5. Haha… it will teach me to digest instructions properly 😦 I’ve just written it the wrong way round!
    Thunder booms
    Sunlight banished
    Lightening challenges
    Cornflower sky observes
    The raging battle below
    They squabble like naughty children
    While Mother Nature locks and reloads.

    Do I qualify for an E for effort Lol

    I think this is an etheree.

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