August Poetry Challenge: Nonets/Reto Poetico de Agosto: Poema Nonet

Our August poetry challenge was to write a nonet on nature or the seasons; a nine line poem with a descending number of syllables. The participants have cooked up some beautiful images for you. Six wonderful poems, in the order they were received. I’ve made a loose translation for all of them to the other language in the pair, Spanish and English. I focused on the form, the key words and themes. Any suggestions welcome by the management. And now, the poems we’ve anticipated…

Nuestro Reto Poético de agosto era de escribir un nonet sobre la naturaleza o las estaciones; un poema con nueve líneas con un diminuendo número de sílabas. Los participantes crearon unas imagenes preciosas para ustedes (vosotros). Seis poemas maravillosos, en el orden recibido. Hice una traducción flexible para todos los poemas al otro idioma de la pareja; español o inglés. Enfoque en la forma, las palabras claves y los temas. Cualquier sugerencia muy bienvenida por el equipo directivo. Y ahora, los poemas anticipados…


Nonet from the United States

9 The nights have suddenly grown cooler.
8 Prairie blossoms begin to droop.
7 Crisp breeze rustles the branches,
6 impatient for red leaves.
5 Furred creatures scurry
4 as they, and Earth,
3 rush headlong
2 into
1 fall.

–Sarah Cook


9 Las noches se ponen más frías
8 flores marchitas praderas
7 brisa fresca en las ramas
6 hojas rojas quiere
5 boca abajo los
4 animales
3 otoño
2 tierra
1 van

–Sarah Cook, Traducción por Rebecca

Nonet from Mexico

9. Te desvaneces en el día
8. No obstante impones de noche
7. Casi siempre una amiga
6. A veces soberbia
5. A veces musa
4. Con firmeza
3. Inspiras
2. Luna
1. Mía

–Ithel S. Villanueva



9 You melt away appearing by day
8 However by night you impose
7 You’re almost always a friend
6 Sometimes you’re arrogant
5 Sometimes you’re a muse
4 With a firm hand
3 You Inspire
2 My dear
1 Moon

–Ithel S. Villanueva, Translation by Rebecca

Nathan’s Nonet from England

9) No nets keep butterflies in August
8) As flaming red wings singe the mesh
7) To hole the whole knotted mess.
6) Each swish misses its bug.
5) Fluttering burns turn
4) Loop-the-loops for
3) Fiery flying
2) Friendly
1) Moths

–Nathan Cocker


9. En agosto las mariposas
8. No se captan en las redes
7. El fuego de sus alas
6. Rojas perfóralas
5. Es un fracaso
4. Mariposa
3. Nocturna
2. Lumbre
1. Mía

–Nathan Cocker, Traducción por Rebecca

Nonet from Spain

Eras el mes de abril sin sol,
sin lluvia ni esperanza,
días sin luz que cansan,
noches sin mar ni fe.
Tardes verdes y
del ayer
sin ser

–Francisco Bravo Cabrera



9 You were the April we had no sun
8 both without rain and without hope
7 days without light tire me so
6 nights without the sea or faith
5. green afternoons and
4 abundance of
3 yesterday
2 I was
1 gone

–Francisco Bravo Cabrera, Translation by Rebecca

Nonet from England

Long ago I planted roses, vines
to grow along a brand new fence
now vines cover my tree with
blousy leaves, pygmy grapes
roses hang lower
pink, opulent
the fence leans

Kim Whysall-Hammond

9 Hace tiempo planté rosas y
8 viñas para cubrir reja
7 nueva, ahora escalen
6 mi árbol con hojas y
5 uvas, se cuelgan
4 rosas pero
3 la reja
2 rota
1 es(tá)

Kim Whysall-Hammond, Traducción por Rebecca

Nonet by “Piglet in Portugal”

Thunder booms
Sunlight banished
Lightening challenges
Cornflower sky observes
The raging battle below
They squabble like naughty children
While Mother Nature locks and reloads.

1 Las
2 Nubes
3 Se fintan
4 Suena trueno
5 Luz alejada
6 Ataca relámpago
7 Observa el cielo acero
8 Combate de los traviesos
9 La Madre Tierra preparada

“Piglet in Portugal”, Traducción por Rebecca

Applause to all six poets, from five countries! ¡Un aplauso a los seis poetas, de cinco países! Gracias por leer Fake Flamenco! Aprecio sus comentarios y sus poemas. ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! I appreciate your comments and poetry entries. ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Moonlit Night/Noche de luna  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham


Rebecca Cuningham

26 thoughts on “August Poetry Challenge: Nonets/Reto Poetico de Agosto: Poema Nonet

      1. Thanks, Colleen! Very kind of you. I publish the challenge the first Tuesday of the month and the poets’ response the second Tuesday. So in September, that will be 9/1 and 9/8. I choose a different form for the poets each month. The challenge is bilingual, both English and Spanish speaking poets participate. Thanks for spreading the word. Gracias! Rebecca

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      2. I adore Spanish. I began in junior high and I haven’t stopped learning since. Poetry in Spanish is very close to my heart. I studied modern and classic verse for my undergraduate and graduate degrees. Thanks for following Fake Flamenco! I’m off to check out your site.

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  1. Great noets! All of them! Loved them! And the translation you have made for mine was great Rebecca, thank you!
    All the best!

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