August Blooming Rose of Sharon Tree

This Rose of Sharon tree is the daughter of the original that grew near our place. She is not an only child, however! Several robust sisters surround her. The tree is prolific; each pollinated flower yields a hand full of seeds, and each tree produces thirty blossoms at least. In this case, it is fortunate the new trees are doing well, since carpenter ants finished off the mother plant.

Rose of Sharon Blossom  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

My favorite memory of the original tree is an August evening’s gathering where six writers read their stories aloud, with the flowering Rose of Sharon as a splendid backdrop. As dusk fell, shadows flitted over the listeners’ heads. A murmur of surprise. I felt a light touch skim my hair. Bats! They harvested mosquitoes, adding mystery to the atmosphere. We laughed snd continued our party of words.

What baby plants or animals do you like?

¡Olé! Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! -Rebecca

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Rebecca Cuningham

23 thoughts on “August Blooming Rose of Sharon Tree

  1. Are they not Hibiscus, Rebecca? They’re very beautiful! We have them planted along our street in tree form, though I’d only seen them as shrubs before. 🙂 🙂 Have a great weekened!

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  2. Absolutely gorgeous! For some reason, I hadn’t been getting notifications for your blog for over a year…I thought I’d followed you, but in any case, it’s great to find you again, and I look forward to reading more posts from you starting now! Enjoy the rest of your summer. 🙂

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  3. Hi! I live in New England (found you thanks to Laurie’s blog) and my favorite tree/flower in the summer here is the Rose of Sharon. The tree is always so …. cheerful! And in this area, the Rose of Sharon blooms later in the summer, after all of the other flowers have gotten the attention. When our beloved pet, Tory, died at age 12, we bought two Rose of Sharon trees (renamed Rose of Tory) and buried her ashes in between the two trees. Well, maybe that sounds weird, but it seemed like a great way to honor a wonderful Golden.

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    1. Thanks for your comments! I loved what you said about intuition on Laurie’s post. What a beautiful way to mark the passing of your beloved dog. I like the rename of the tree too. 🙂 Rose of Sharons really make my August. Which month do they bloom in your garden?


  4. sounds amazing minus the bats! Ha ha! Not a fan of the carpenter ants, or bees either! Never heard of the carpenter bees until my friend got a hive of them all around the decking of their swimming pool!

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