Lake Wingra on a Sunday Afternoon

The days are cooler. We decided to go to Olbrich Gardens on last Saturday and for a paddle on Lake Wingra on Sunday.

Yellow Flower, Daisy? Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

The gardens were cleverly arranged with one way paths to avoid congestion and allow for social distancing.

Pitcher plant Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

In only an hour at Olbrich, we felt we’d been away for the whole day. We wore masks, and could enjoy the lovely afternoon.

White flower Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

A hundred other people had the same idea, but the gardens are expansive and so well organized we’d only see a group of three at a time. We arrived home feeling peaceful.

Pink Flowers, Gardenias? Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

After the successful outing, we thought about renting a canoe the next day. Lake Wingra has a popular boat rental where you can take out kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, even a duck shaped paddle boat. Wingra means duck in the Ho-Chunk language, the original inhabitants of the area.

White Water Lily Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

The three of us paddled for an hour, heading up a creek tributary to see ducks and watch birds. The time went by fast, but like the previous day we felt refreshed.

Paddlers on Lake Wingra Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

If you know the names of the first flowers, I’d like to find out. Happy weekend!

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Rebecca Cuningham

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  1. How lovely to be able to get out. Reminded me of paddling days in Alabama…
    I don’t know the name of the flower, but I know there is an application where can you can upload the flower/leaves, and it identifies the plant. It’s probably easy to Google it.

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