Duck the Crane Coming Your Way

On our Sunday afternoon paddle last weekend, we saw many feathered friends. Dragonflies were on the prowl, although winged not feathered. Ducks were swimming leisurely, confident in their aquatic universe.

We’d spotted a side pond a bit south of the boat rental after our previous excursion. This time we three paddled determinedly for the spot, wanting a bit of adventure.

Across the entrance to the pond, there lay a fallen tree. Although it looked a little intimidating, the trick was that the canoe could pass over it and the log would sink several inches temporarily and pop up again once we’d passed.

Once we’d entered those sheltered waters, we looked left to see what was hidden here. To balance my view, I looked right as well, and saw:

Great Blue Heron Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

A great blue heron perched comfortably on a branch, not concerned about us floating by. It looked so sleepy, I didn’t want to scare him or her into taking flight by getting too close. Next time I’ll bring my zoom lens! Our outing was very relaxing for all three of us, make that four with the heron’s good nap.

How do you like to relax on the weekends?

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Paddling with Ducks Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

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Rebecca Cuningham

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  1. Well-spotted, Rebecca. Much like sights I see at the Preserve only not while on the water. Wouldn’t want to be paddling in reclaimed water even if it were allowed and I’m pretty sure most if not all of the lakes are too shallow.


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