Celebrating My 300th Post!

This milestone is 30 months in the making! In the last nine months I’ve blogged every three days. That is a good rhythm for me. To celebrate I’ve written a silly poem about Fake Flamenco.

Fake Flamenco

Free as a word
a squeaky cheese curd
Spanish sound for vowels
flamingo pink fowls
Dancin’ flamenco
yes don’t you say no
clap with my ritmo
right up left low
Stomp with a tacón
Segovia ring tone
hearing that fake

I’m a phoneme
I’m a cat meme
Bailo all day
you call an olé
Shawl, fan, hair comb
I’m right at home
in Granada
in Sevilla
Spanish music
cool guitar lick
Song of a gringa soul
connected, we’re all whole.

–Rebecca Cuningham

Glossary: ritmo = rhythm; tacón: high heel; bailo = I dance; gringa = woman from the USA

How do you like to celebrate milestones?

Gracias for visiting Fake Flamenco! I appreciate your likes and comments. ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca and Evan at the Meeting Tree Photo: Eagle
Rebecca Cuningham

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