Afternoon Wellness Class in Westmoreland Park

Wednesday afternoon, Eagle and I went to a park for Wellness Class, just we two. Nature was wearing her autumn splendor. We enjoyed the fall day.

Brown Eyed Susans Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

We hiked in the woods and were greeted by the smiling faces of Brown Eyed Susans.

Brown Eyed Susan Close Up Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

These flowers were serious about blooming.

White Asters and Brown Eyed Susans Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Even the leaves were acting like flowers.

Oaks Leaves Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

The best tree of all at Westmoreland Park…

Autumn Maple Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Gracias for visiting Fake Flamenco! I appreciate your comments. ¡Olé! –Rebecca

This post is part of Six Word Saturday. Check out Debbie and Friends fabulous photos.

6WS #SixWordSaturday

Rebecca Cuningham

15 thoughts on “Afternoon Wellness Class in Westmoreland Park

  1. Love the colours of the leaves in autumn…I miss that from when I lived in Manhattan…here in Valencia it is beautiful too but not as dramatic. Great photographs! Loved them!
    All the best,

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      1. So far we like Arizona. We live in Gilbert, so in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Unfortunately, we hit a record-breaking number of days over 110, so I figure if we still like it, we should be good. 🙂 Haven’t had much chance to do things because of Covid, but that will eventually change.

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