528 Years of Indigenous Resistance

Some call it Día de la Raza, some Columbus Day, some Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Today marks the date the European Invasion of the Americas began. That October of 1492 until 2020, battles of people, ideas, religions and germs changed life for the tribal peoples and people from Europe forever.

Those of us who live in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America owe a huge debt to the First Peoples. We have learned so much about agriculture, democracy, and conservation from those who were here before our ships arrived. What more could we learn?

For new followers, and for those who might have a missed an article or two, click on the titles below for Fake Flamenco investigations about famous native peoples, civilizations, and gifts to all. Let’s honor those who have given the world so much.




How do you celebrate this day?

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Uxmal Temple Photo: Rebecca Cunngham
Rebecca Cuningham

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